Friday, August 01, 2008


How much time do you spend each day in worship? I'm not speaking of the brief intervals spent in the car singing along to your favorite


cd, while en route from one destination to the another (that's me), but of a time devoted to honoring and revering The Most High God. I'm speaking of



I'm referring to the kind of worship where you have to lift up your hands to the heavens in humble devotion to the Creator.., the kind of worship that steers you into a pregnant pause as you reflect on God's unfathomable holiness.., the kind of worship that ignites a sincere and integral heart, radiating a fire on the inside that makes you want to live right on the outside.., the kind of worship that God desires?

You know, preaching will pass away.

Evangelism will not exist in eternity.

We won't be


to church in glory.

What will remain is worship. We will be spending all of eternity worshiping the God of heaven and Earth.

How much of your day is devoted to true worship?

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