Thursday, August 21, 2008

Free, Clean Dirt: Because you never want to pay for dirty dirt.

Free dirt? Seriously?

Right, because I'm always looking for a good deal on dirt? Because I can't just get some from my own backyard (or my neighbor's backyard for that matter). Because the English language hasn't already coined a whole phrase ("dirt-cheap") illustrating just how free dirt should be? Seriously? Heaven forbid that dirt should be dirty, right? Because we all know that there's a whole lot of "clean" dirt just laying around? Does there really need to be a billboard requesting "free dirt"? And did someone actually pay to have this sign made?

Then again, maybe I've misinterpreted the sign. Maybe it's a "wanted" poster for a Mr. Clean Fill Dirt's arrest or perhaps the sign is advertising a rally to "free" a Mr. Clean Fill Dirt. Am I the only one confused here?
Nuff said.


Brazenlilly said...

Ha! I had never put together these signs with the concept of "dirt-cheap." There must be something very special about this "clean dirt." I, personally, have never seen it, and neither has my son.

Lisa P said...

That IS funny--and I never really understood the concept till we moved to the country. Our neighbor is building his own house and when it came time to cover the septic with "proper, clean dirt" (not contaminated), I learned that dirt-cheap isn't the correct term. He spent over $5000 on dirt. Yikes!

So the owner of this sign is probably facing the same thing as is looking for a construction company that has had to dig something out and has excess clean dirt. Crazy, huh?

Pot Liquor said...

Jen, I feel you on your last comment, Sadia and Simone have yet to find "clean dirt" too. ;)

Lisa, thanks for the clarification. I never knew that people would actually pay for dirt--or should I say "clean dirt".

Well, if either of you are ever in the market for some dirt (free or otherwise), just give me a hollar and I'll hook you up. ;)


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