Monday, August 25, 2008

Wanting Ice cream

I have become so discombobulated
That I have ignored the side effects of solitude.
Security devours impulse.
Nerve devours fear.
Light does not devour dark, though, or
Deodorant stains would not be so conspicuous on black satin dresses,
African violets would have never thrived under barrenness,
and you would have stopped me from melting by now.
I'm melting right now,
One cold stone scoop at a time.
I scream!
You scream!
We all scream!
For ice cream numbs the brain.
Kindhearted ice cream men scoop out the pain.
Pushing push-ups and big sticks.
They make brain freeze look like civics.
It's humane.
And right now, I'm so cold-blooded
That my ice cream-addicted veins are flooded.
It's mundane.
I'm a fiend,
Injecting frozen melodies of left out right in.
So greedy for that confectionary treat
Chronically served up cold,
I chase down ice cream trucks
Car-going desertion by the boat load.


Robin H said...

Did you know that the ice cream cone is now the official dessert of the state of Missouri? Show me!

woosterweester said...

Girl, your poetry sure beats my "love, dove, from above" junk. Hope you're saving all of these somewhere!:)

Pot Liquor said...

Robin, leave it to you to find the most remote yet relevant fact about ice cream. lol No, I didn't know, but I shall hence forth consider myself in the know.

Wooster, I don't usually keep them. However posting them on the net sort- of immortalizes them, cuz they're eternally stuck in cyberspace (insert spacey sci-fi sound effect here). ;)


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