Friday, August 22, 2008

No, I'm not drunk...

...and I didn't just get my driver's license yesterday. I am driving with a set of wheels on the lane divider on purpose , so that the rumbling of the tires across the road reflectors pacifies my 11 month old daughter's impending tantrum. As any mother will tell you, you do what you can. My apologies to the other drivers on the road.


Brazenlilly said...

Ha! It is so true. You do what you can. At one point, singing "where is thumbkin?" was the best way to distract my kiddo. Imagine my embarassment when I was at "where is tallman?" (I think you know which finger that is) and I glanced over at the driver next to me, and he was looking at me and my two middle fingers were dancing up and down on my steering wheel as I drove. Oops! Sorry, sir. No, I'm not giving you the bird. I'm trying to prevent a meltdown in the backseat. Carry on, Dionne. Do what you have to do!

Rebecca Snavely said...

Oh... I love this visual. Made me laugh out loud.


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