Friday, August 01, 2008

I see the invisible.

You're not the only one longing to be known. Those of you sitting down before your computers each day posting blogs, yours isn't the only space yearning to be recognized. God reveals His invisible qualities-- His divine nature-- daily through the things that He has created. When was the last time that you logged on to your natural environment?

For instance, in a recent post called Gaining a birds-eye perspective of the Father, I wrote about my experiencing God's imminence through a brief visit from a singularly unexpected source. God chose a pithy pop-in by an ordinary bird to unveil the mystery of His nearness to me. On any other occasion I may never have taken a second glance at the bird. There was nothing of its appearance that stood out. You could say that we were just in the right place at the right time. When was the last time you had a "right place, right time" experience, through which God communicated some aspect of His nature to you?

This morning, after having a tough time working through some negative thoughts that have plagued me recently, I went into the kitchen to water my plant. I guess I can't call it a plant really, since all there is to it is some soil. I planted the seeds about four weeks ago and still nothing is sprouting up from the dirt. Overcome by frustration, I lifted the tera cotta pot from the kitchen counter and heaved it over to expose its contents. I was determined to get to the bottom of its inactivity or completely rid myself of the eyesore.

Much to my surprise, what I had unearthed astounded me. There, beneath the dampened earth in my little lavender vessel, was an exposed and tightly intertwined network of roots. I couldn't see the growth because I was so focused on the nothing that was happening on the surface. However, there it was growing right before my eyes, and here I was just minutes earlier planning to uproot and discard the whole undertaking. It was as though God was unveiling yet another layer of Himself to me. He was telling me to be patient because He was orchestrating my healing on the inside.

In that instant I began to see myself the way God sees me. He doesn't see me as an individual wrought through and through with destitution, the way that I perceived the empty pot taking up space on my counter-top. Instead, God sees me as I am; an intricate soul undergoing some serious heart reconstruction. It's easy for me to get frustrated with myself, because judging from the outside there just doesn't seem to be any progress. Looking at my exterior, it doesn't appear that I am healing from pasts hurts. But Oh, thank God for the roots of reconciliation that are sprawling on the inside. I believe that my break thru is already there by faith, and, in His time, He will bring forth the fruit .

Don't get me wrong. I don't mean to oversimplify the process of recovering from past hurts. Mines is a painful and arduous evolution, as is yours to be sure. All I'm trying to do is share my testimony. Certainly, there will be more mountains to traverse in my quest for wholeness. Still, I am so glad that I won't have to go it alone, because now I recognize that God is with me.

Moreover, I can encourage myself whenever, judging from the outward appearance, things don't appear to be moving along the way I think that they should be. Furthermore, I am awestruck by the reality of worshiping a God who, much like myself, seeks to be known.

After all, where's the sense in worshiping an invisible God.

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