Friday, August 01, 2008

And the cookie goes to...

Yes, you did pack the girls up that one day a couple of months ago. Yes, you did do it all by yourself. I do recall the weather that day; it was a bit chilly. Yes, you did remember to bundle extra clothes in the pink girly diaper bag as a precautionary measure. You did manage to overcome your insecurities and venture out of the house into the great unknown (the grocery store), with said children, whom you had no prior experience traveling with ALONE. Yes, you were scared of the outcome, but overcame your fear as a favor to me-- after all I was feeling a bit under the weather that day. You even made sure to use those complimentary Clorox wipes to remove all harmful germs from the hand rail and seat on the cart before putting the baby in.

Yes, you did spend 45 whole minutes scouring the shelves at Ralphs, a mission which usually takes you about 20 minutes, but with the added responsibilities, increased the whole undertaking by "25 more minutes". Not to mention the fact that the diaper bag is pink with little swirly things and flowers all over it, which, I am aware, does nothing for your manly physic. Including the fact that you did survive the dreaded diaper change in a public unisex restroom and you accomplished all of this while maintaining your masculinity and dignity.

Besides you did bring them back home alive, along with all of the groceries on the shopping list, minus the popsicles, which turned out to be a necessary deduction given the impromptu temper tantrum that our eldest child threw in the center of the frozen foods isle.

Of particular note, I am aware of the countless hours that you spent scrubbing the tacky glue residue left behind from the Ralphs' stickers that the eldest child stuck to the backseat window of your car. Yes, you did manage to bring both children back home in one piece. You single handedly engineered arguable the greatest feat known to man.

However, NO, you do not get to bring-up that story to support your argument against having to take both children with you on your next trip out of the house. It's called PARENTING; husband, parenting- parenting, husband. I realize that you two have not been formally introduced, but get used to it cuz it'll be staying with us for a while. ;)

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The Mama's said...

Oh my goodness, I love your blog! I followed your link on my SIL Sarah's blog. Your writing is both hysterical and thought-provoking. I look forward to reading more.


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