Friday, August 08, 2008

Face Off: Me vs. The "Experts"

Parenthood is a huge market. For this reason, there are many so-called "experts" who claim to have effective methods for disciplining toddlers. After conduction a little research, I have come to one conclusion: They're all pretty much peddling the same BS. So, I've decided to take them to task on their "time tested" discipline strategies that work.

In this case, I stumbled across a medical website called Wyeth which claims (among other things) to bring to the world health care that "changes lives". I've pulled out the salient points from an article posted on their website and compared their findings with mine.

What I discovered might surprise you. Apart from valuable insight, this face off should provide an interesting read for everyone.



1. What are the ages of your child(ren)?N/A3 yr. old, 1 yr. old
2. Do you offer your expertise with the purpose of making money?YesNo
3. What is your field of expertise?Health CareParenting
4. Why do toddlers misbehave?To test cause and effect, distractions, poor impulse controlTo walk the fine line between being an angel and pushing mommy's buttons.
5. Are toddlers "bad" if they do the same "no-nos" on purpose?Probably no.Probably so.
6. Should a parent offer rewards in exchange for cooperation?Yes. Rewards can encourage her to see things your way.Yes. Rewards such as, living to see her next birthday, encourage her to see things my way.
7. Does telling a toddler "no" limit her development?Reserve saying "no" for situations that threaten others, your toddler, or your home.Frequently saying "no" makes her more appreciative on the rare occasions when she might hear a "yes".
8. Should I refrain from "spanking" my toddler?Yes. Unless you want her to develop a real pain in her butt.Yes. Only if you prefer raising a real pain in the butt.
9. How do "time-outs" work?Isolation for 1 or 2 minutes should make an impact and keep a hand on her shoulder to make her sit still. They don't.
10. What are some effective discipline strategies?Consequences, consistency, rules, carrying out punishments immediatelyMy toddler responds well to threats.


woosterweester said...

I am busting a gut laughing right now! You are hilarious!:)

Lisa P said...

Cracking up...and I love the experts picture. Well played.

My main issue with the "experts" is that they really only (eventually--because I don't have six hours to put my toddler to bed their way) change their behavior and never address the heart issue. As they turn from toddlers to school kids, if you haven't addressed their heart, then you are starting that process at 6, and it can get ugly.

Thanks for the fun insight!

Jen White said...

omg- you are hilarious! Like Lisa- I loved the "experts" picture.

Diane Davis said...

i'm home and am catching up on blog reading. this post is hysterical. so glad you are a blogger. :)

Pot Liquor said...

"Wooster", (not sure of your true identity) Ha, ha! In this forum my warped sense of humor can be used for good and not evil.

Lisa and Jen, I thought that the image would be a good touch. You're right. Disciplining toddlers, as with my own discipline, always boils down to a heart matter. Dealing with the heart will ensure that she will do what she's supposed to even when I'm not looking.

Diane, so good to have you back!

Kristen said...

This is hilarious! I love it.

edie said...

Too funny. This cracked me up!


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