Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Me: Sadia, what makes you cry?

Sadia: Onions.

Me: Onions make you cry?

Sadia: Yes. They hurt my feelings.


Carrie said...

Me too, Sadia! It never fails that those nasty old onions leak their juiciness, hurting my feelings and bringing me to tears every time!

Anonymous said...

That little chick-a dee of yours is sooooo funny! And sooo witty! You must be very proud. I mean, come on....what id the greatest aspiration (besides loving God) that we can aspire to for our kids??? BEING FUNNY!!! -Kellianne :)

woosterweester said...

Hee hee, love the minds of kids. She'll love that you're recording these things for her to giggle at someday. (I still love when my folks tell the same ol' funny stories about me too.:))


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