Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Americans are SUCKERS!!!!

You know? I’ve been thinking about this whole "Economic Bailout Plan" and it's got my panties in a bunch!


As in a 7 followed by 11 zeros…?

Here's a better idea.

How about giving $2,000 to every tax payer in America?

300 million people X $2,000 = $600 BILLION.

Now wouldn’t that solve all of our problems AND save us $100 billion?

Please shoot holes in my theory…


VikingMom said...

I don't see any holes...I'll take the money!

Lyonslove said...

Where do I get that money? Is there a line I need to get in? PS I love your new layout. Happy Thanksgiving!

Brad said...

I think 300 million x $2 million is actually $600 trillion.

$600 billion would only give $2,000 to every American.

Even so, I don't like the bailout either... but now you might be able to unbunch just a little.

Alexsis said...

Well, if we all remember, we (tax payers) were the first to receive a ballout payment in the form of a stimulus check. This is what I was able to dig up:

IRS Announces Economic Stimulus Payment Schedules, Provides Online Payment Calculator

IR-2008-44, March 17, 2008

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service announced today that it will begin sending more than 130 million economic stimulus payments starting May 2. The initial round of weekly payments will be completed by early July.

The IRS also announced the availability of a new online calculator on IRS.gov to help people determine the amount of their stimulus payments.

Stimulus payments will be made by direct deposit to people who choose to receive their 2007 income tax refunds through direct deposit. All others will receive their economic stimulus payments in the form of a paper check.

The IRS is also announcing today the availability of an on-line calculator on IRS.gov to help taxpayers determine if they are eligible to receive an economic stimulus payment and if they are, how much they can expect. Anyone who has prepared a 2007 income tax return can use the calculator. It will ask taxpayers a series of questions, so they should have their 2007 tax returns handy. After answering the questions, the calculator will provide the projected dollar value of the payment.

On IRS.gov, I was able to find out how much individuals are/were eligible to receive and this is what I located:

Eligible individuals — between $300 and $600
Joint filers — between $600 and $1,200
With eligible children — an additional $300 for each qualifying child
The actual amount depends on the information on your tax return. To find out how much you might be eligible for, use the economic stimulus calculator.

After saying all this, its clear that the problem was that we need to know who went before the Senate with this proposal becasue they were a few million, billion, trillion zero's off. The ironic thing about this whole ball-out-follow-the-leader things is that at least the Banks and Auto Industry were smart enough to ask for more money seeing as though the Senate approved the initial ball-out plan for those on "Main Street"!!!!!


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