Monday, November 03, 2008

Prop 8

Like some of you, I vacillate back and forth with my views on Prop 8. I do my best to educate myself on both sides of the argument. And like many of you I have concluded that the matter is not as black and white as some might have us believe. But of this I am sure: My views about the proposal must be grounded in wisdom and not just fine sounding reasoning either for or against it.

There is never a shortage of opinions on anything and everything. Some people might even try to persuade you with the wisdom of their thoughts. Yet, I believe that it is neither the one who argues the most articulately, nor the one who expresses his viewpoint most vehemently who is the wisest. Wisdom is proven over time.

Presumably we all think our arguments are best. However our conclusions, if they are to be considered wisdom at all, must stand the test of time.

Trends in philosophies and ideologies come and go. Yet, still God's word is timeless. Whenever we express our views, we have a moral obligation to do more than merely present logical thinking. We have a duty to base our life choices in scripture, and let time validate the wisdom of our choices.


Alli said...

Wow, Dionne! Well said. Thank you for the reminder that God's Word is the one thing that continues to stand the test of time. Your posts lately are so profound. I get excited everytime I see a new post from you in Google Reader! :)

nabz said...

thanks for this post! i could not agree more - God's word is eternal and is the only truth for me too.

Robin H said...

I probably take my one vote too seriously, but I went back and forth a lot on this one, too. I don't like to get into a "debate" with people about this issue because once I open my mouth, I am immediately pigeon-holed. I can start the conversation on either side or even in the middle. I am called a "H8TEr" or a violator of all that is sacred (family, children, country, God).

So, when it came to voting, I had to decide what my vote would be or whether to vote on it at all. While standing in the voting booth I ultimately decided to let those who are sure of the strength of their convictions to decide... I relinquished my right. I don't know if that was the wise choice, but it was mine to make.


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