Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Dish

Teddy makes growing old an event to look forward to. For starters, he showed up unexpectedly at my job on Friday to take me out to lunch. When he arrived, he wasn't empty handed. Draped across his arms were a dozen of the most stunning long stemmed roses I've ever seen. Typically, I don't like a whole lot of ta do over my birthday. However, I was extremely blown away with the extent of his plans.

He organized a family excursion that night to Medieval Times, in Buena Park. I love that place. It's the one destination where grown ups can act like complete fools without fear of reprisal. I had a blast! My voice is still recovering from all of the screaming. The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well.

Also, since Sunday was our 6th wedding anniversary, Teddy arranged an afternoon family picnic at the Irvine Regional park. He even remembered to pack extra goodies to toss to the ducks in the lake. I didn't get many photos during the picnic, mainly due to the fact that I wasn't able to attend (but that's a blog for another day). I did, however, manage to get some footage of Sadia trotting on a miniature pony at the park. Can somebody say, whiplash? Of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to add a little flare to the clip.

Sadia's pony ride. Enjoy!

Birthday celebration at Medieval Times.


The Reverend's Lover said...

You must have a Mac.
Your hubby rocks!

Brazenlilly said...

I am grinning as I'm reading this! What a sweet hubby and beautiful family. And a perfect way to celebrate! Cheers.

Alli said...

Fun! Love the slide show. Your family is precious!

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

Yay for fun celebrations and fro a husband that treats you like the Queen you are :-)
I LOVE that he even remembered to pack goodies for the ducks.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Man! I was laughing out loud at that video of Sadia on the pony!! Good Footage!! Happy Anniversary to you and the Ted-ster!

woosterweester said...

You and Kobe Bryant have the most beautiful family!:) And seriously, could you be more gorgeous at 21?!?!:) I've always wanted to go to one of those Medieval Dinner things but I get turned down by friends who think I'm crazy. We SO have to hook up! And I love that you yelled and screamed yourself hoarse at it. Happy Birthday!

Robin H said...

I love the footage of Sadia! Yeah. Is her neck okay?

Tori said...

Beautiful! That looked like so much fun....and that video of Sadia riding the horse was too funny!


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