Monday, November 03, 2008

Diane, Brian was right.....

Numbers was a bear. But I did it! I finished it. :)

A huge "thank you" to Allison, Wooster, and Sarah for your words of encouragement. I am currently fighting the flu, but holding to my commitment dutifully!

And now off to Deutoronmy!


Diane Davis said...

You are so stinkin funny! I think I told you that Brian has never read the Bible. Ever. So I suggested he start with the NT. But he thought that since the Bible is a book, he should start from the beginning. He got stuck in Numbers and hasn't picked it up since. I remember laying in bed with him while I was reading a great fictional book. I asked him what he was reading about, and he said "I'm reading about what to do with mold and mildew." Maybe I should get him ONLY a NT so he'll be starting a book from the beginning...

Good for you for keeping up with it. Is Teddy still on track? Are your kids being fed and cared for? ;)

Pot Liquor said...

You are too funny! Numbers? There are just some questions that I will just have to reserve asking for when I get to heaven. :)

Teddy is on track. He likes a challenge tho, so I find that often he will start the day off track. However by the end of the day, he will have surpassed me. He's so competitive.

The girls are staying with their Nana for the duration of my bible reading commitment. If all goes well, and I manage to stay on track, I should see them again on December 9th. :)

edie said...

I love that you and Teddy are competing to get through the Bible. Dave and I usually compete for the last Fresca in the fridge so I'm feeling a little sheepish right now... : )

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dionne. Keep truckin'!


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