Monday, August 24, 2009

Stuff Mommies Do: Volume 4

Believe unequivocally that the world revolves around their children, because their Facebook status updates certainly do.

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Hevel said...

LOL, too funny! I just actually reposted an article on Facebook from CNN about the 12 most annoying Facebookers. :-)

I can't remember when was the last time I posted my status about the kids. Unfortunately they can read, and I get the very annoyed, "Daaaaad, don'T post about us!"

Kristen said...

SOOO true!

Wait, is this directed at me? :)

Mike and Katie said...

I'm sorry. I try really hard to think of something to post about other than my nausea and my baby's sleep habits or lack there of but nothing comes on the radar.

Oh well.

Can't please everybody. :)

Brazenlilly said...

Wait...where's the LIKE THIS button? Because I LIKE THIS!

Rebecca Snavely said...



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