Thursday, August 20, 2009

Simone's First Day of Pre-School

Simone looking smart in her First-Day-of-Pre-School outfit.

*DISCLAIMER:  If the sight of small children crying rips your heart out, 
then you should probably stop watching the clip at the 3:15 mark.

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Tee-Tee said...

dang, you got me crying again...that was a difficult video to watch, but she will get better as the days go on...

Alli said...

Oh my gosh! I am sobbing right now. I'm sure she survived it, but I am wondering how you did, Dionne? Did you look at the clock all day and wonder what she was doing at that moment? Such a cute and sweet little girl and such a big moment in her little life.

By the way, what a sweet Daddy. And all the kids totally flocked to him. Has he ever thought about teaching preschool? :)

Rory said...

Tough day. Proud day. It brought Elisha's first day of preschool flooding back to me and all the emotions that went with it. I balled like a baby when Lee and I left! I'm so glad you had your man there with you. What a team. She's gonna have a fantastic year, and the best part is she'll come running back to your arms every time.

Melody said...

This is precious! I watched it with my two year old this morning and she kept saying, "That's me! That's me!" ....take a look at our pictures and you'll see why that is so funny. What a great keepsake video to always have. Your husband was so good with all the kids.

Hevel said...

Aaaw, poor little kid. And poor parents!

What was her second day like?

Dionne Sincire said...

i was completely useless and i couldn't pull it together. teddy did consider teaching for a brief moment. he does have that teacher-esk magnetism. :0)

her second day was milder in comparison. although she did recognize that she was being dropped off a lot sooner, and so began her tantrum as we pulled into the parking lot. :0(


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