Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stuff Mommies Do: Volume 2

Unwittingly disregard the "Press and Lock" feature on the box of Reynolds Wrap.

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Mike and Katie said...

funny! i think my grandmother actually used that feature. not me. never even crossed my mind!

Hevel said...

Hm, where I am, we don't have that feature. Or I just never noticed. Not that I keep my tin foil in the box.

Did anything get covered in tin foil?

Dionne Sincire said...

Katie, me neither. I got found out the other day when my sister came to visit.

Hevel, my sister stopped by to bake cookies with my girls. they covered the finished batch with foil. Where do you keep your foil paper?

Hevel said...

One of these. The top has spices, and there is space for cling film, tin foil and paper towels.


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