Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stuff Mommies Do: Volume 3

Painstakingly coach their children in church not to out mommy and daddy's arguments via prayer request, during Sunday School.
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Hevel said...

I tend to just pray that my kids won't do something like that!

Mike and Katie said...

my son told his sunday school we were trying to get pregnant. nice. that was about seven years ago.

erika said...

Ah ha ha ha.

We have so many adult conversations in front of our kids. I'm sure they're listening they just don't let on, react, or ask questions about our discussions...uh oh!

suzannah said...

oh man. funny!

Melody said...

Hilarious! I remember a time one Sunday morning when my impatience got the better of me and I had to apologize to the kids that morning. We got to church and that particular Sunday we did something different and the pastor (my husband)asked all the kids to come down front for an object lesson. He said something like, "Has anyone ever said something unkind to you before?" He had no clue what had taken place that morning. I was sweating bullets and hoping like heck it was a rhetorical question but hands started going up like crazy and my son's hand was one of them. I just KNEW he was about to rat me out but thank GOD some other kid butted in and blurted out his answer and my husband moved on to his point. I was saved by the impulsive kid!


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