Tuesday, September 09, 2008

World's Largest Particle Smasher

Scientists, in an effort to recreate the Big Bang on a smaller scale, have created a super-machine, which lies 300 ft below the Earth's surface, and spans 17 miles. More impressive is the fact that it was designed to split atoms (spellbinding). Driving this experiment is a quest to answer the question, "What happened at the creation of matter?" (Sound vaguely familiar to anyone?)

Essentially, scientists have theorized that there are more dimensions to the world (ie, heaven), yet to be discovered. The gravitational pull within these dimensions is thought to be tightly wrapped, like layers on a paper-towel roll.***

Tomorrow, scientists will attempt to smash an atom using this machine.

Hmmmm, let's do a little risk analysis, shall we?

On the up-side:
They could potentially create a miniscule piece of matter so infinitesimally small that it would be able to travel through those tightly wrapped dimensions. The scope of which has implications in the realm of time travel.

They could also "resolve one of the biggest mysteries in physics, such as the existence of one long-hypothesized particle called the Higgs boson—or the God particle—thought to be responsible for giving all other particles their mass." (you say "God particle", I say GOD-- potato, potahto.)

On the down-side:
They could create a black hole that, though remarkably small, would only have the potential to SUCK UP THE EARTH!

What's that you say.., no word on a black-hole-sucking-reversal-thing-a-ma-bobber.., no worries. Proceed with experimentation as scheduled.

I know that this scientific post is a stretch for me (what with my uncouth thinking capacity as a Christian), so in lieu of drawing some empirical conclusion about the "Smasher", I've decided to leave you with an equally "smashing" insight, reputed by Doc, from Back to the Future (1985): "...if my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour, we're gonna see some serious $#!t."

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In other news, Christians have already discovered the existence of God, and the origins of Creation. All of this without sucking the Earth up into an abyss of nothingness (wink).

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I shared the angle for this post with my husband who has been a great sounding board for past posts. He scoffed about my position, feeling that it minimized over 20 years of scientific research. In light of this, I want to make one thing clear regarding this post, I am in no way trying to disregard the overarching contributions of science. However, the irony in this article is striking. Historically, science has made.., well, a science out of discrediting fundamentally Christian beliefs such as the existence of God and Creation. Yet woven within the fibers of this cutting edge technology, are terms borrowed form the vary belief system which science has tried to debunk. Just a little food for thought (with a twist).

*** Sidebar
Maybe science is more progressive than I had originally thought, and --much like "undiscovered dimensions"--this faith-based cynic is just wrapped too tight (sarcasm).


The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

ug- I think my head hurts....too.....much.....physics
funny thing is...it's an interesting discussion.

Brazenlilly said...

Dionne, I LOVE reading your posts, and I totally agree with your thoughts! It's amazing how far some people will go to REFUSE to believe even the POSSIBILITY of God. Have you ever read the book Angels and Demons? It's a novel by the DaVinci Code guy. It was actually kind of interesting, and included lots of thoughts on the possibility of believing in the power of science AND in a Creator God. Anyway, thanks for the post! I'll keep my eyes open for a black hole.

Brad said...

Just wandering from Brazenlilly's blog...

I agree that it's too bad that main-stream science presents itself at odds with the Creator. Physics actually proves how vast and intricate God really is.

Even though we already have all the evidence we need, I have to admit I am interested to see what more is revealed about God's creation from the LHC!


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