Saturday, September 27, 2008

Maybe E-Harmony should upgrade their services to include a genetic screening.

After reading this article in "Science News", you might not consider this such a bad idea.

It comes as a relief to know that scientists have finally come up with an explanation for women who are tired of cheating men: That's right girlfriend, his two-timing, tendencies are genetic!

Apparently, there is a link between a hormone responsible for the bonding activity in prairie voles and a male's inability to commit to one partner. Scientists chose prairie voles for this study because these mouselike creatures are famous for maintaining long-lasting relationships.

Besides the intriguing comparison that scientist make between men and rodents, this study concludes that prairie vole bonding has much to do with a hormone called vasopressin present in the brains of males. Since scientists were able to manipulate these hormone levels in the voles, making them more or less faithful, then it would stand to reason that perhaps some men just can't help but be unfaithful in relationships given the possibility of limited copies of vasopressin and ill equipped receptors on nerve cells in their brains. Well, duh!

And here I was blaming men for their commitment problems, when clearly it's a matter of genetics. ***

I was so excited to share this discovery with my blog readers, as I am sure that the results of years of scientific study will resonate with many of you.

So it's not bad enough to have their lives and self esteem shattered by infidelity, now women have contributions from science to thank for the rationalization of some men's asinine aptitudes.

For more on this article Click Here.

***Of note, scientists also commented on the link between prairie voles and their inherently unfaithful first cousins, the prairie DOGS, shedding some light on the strange behavior of men after they cheat: they lick themselves, scratch behind their ears, and then spin around in a circle before falling asleep (wink).

Prairie Vole

Prairie Dog

Two-Timing Dog


Alli said...

That's what's wrong with our humanistic world. No one thinks they are responsible for their actions any more. The more we can chalk up to genetics, the less responsibility we have to take.

Hey--you may be able to use this in your classroom, next time a parent claims their child is not responsible for his/her actions. You can just suggest to the parents that maybe their son or daughter suffers from genetic irresposibility/laziness/disrespect/stupidity/[fill in the blank here]. :) I wonder how well that'd go over--Ha Ha!

Diane Davis said...

ok, you got an out loud chuckle from me on the bottom picture. girl, you kill me.

Brazenlilly said...

Load. Of. Crap. (The article, not your post.)

Anonymous said...

I think i dated that last dog....
-kellianne :)


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