Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Take "This One" Back!

I absolutely love my three-year old. Especially the candid moments we share together. Since Teddy's been out of town on business, Sadia and I have had some real bonding time. The kinds of conversations that come out of these moments of intimacy are priceless. I'll share the heart-to-heart that she and I exchanged during this morning's commute to pre-school as an example:

As I glanced at Sadia in my rear-view, I noticed a peculiar silence. She wasn't her usual chatter box this morning. She wasn't singing along to the gospel CD blaring form the player. Her eyes weren't glossed over as though she were a few winks short of a good night's sleep. Something was on her mind, and I wanted to get to the bottom of what it was.

    Me: Sadia, whatcha thinking about?
    Sadia: Babies.
    Me: What about them?
    Sadia: This one hits me (thumbing with her left hand at Simone who is sitting in the car seat next to Sadia's booster). And that makes me mad (placing her thumbing-left-hand under her right arm pit to complete the "I'm mad" folded-arm gesture).
    Me: (trying to keep a straight face) Well, what do you think we should do about that?
    Sadia: Take this one back (referring to Simone)!
    Me: (confused) Back? Back where?
    Sadia: Take this one back to the hospital, and get another one. Get one that doesn't hit me (pouting).
    Me: That's one solution. Would that make you feel better?
    Sadia: YES (gesturing emphatically with her folded arms)!
    Me: How might Simone feel being left at the hospital all by herself?
    Sadia: Sad, (arms still folded) but we can bring her back when we're done with the other one (new baby).
Wouldn't it be nice if we could just swop out one disagreeable person for a more pleasant one (wink).

On a more redeeming note, I thought I'd share this video that Sadia and I made this summer. Enjoy!


woosterweester said...

I'm laughing because I'm sure Elisha (my 4 yr. old) would GLADLY trade her little sis as well the past couple of days. What is it with the little one being the "hitter", huh?: Guess they're still finding words and fists are a happy substitute in the meantime. Elisha's twice her size, but apparently cannot escape little E's upper cut, slaps, face scratching or hair pulling. At least there's as many hugs and cuddles between the two as there are bouts of physical rough housing. Ah, sisterly love. Thanks for the fun reflections!

Diane Davis said...

super fun post. isn't it great when you can see the mind working in young ones? love it.


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