Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stuff Mommies Do: Volume 7

I usually sing Simone a song right after her bath during her bedtime routine. One oldy-but-goody that she doesn't seem to mind singing over and over again is the Itsy Bitsy Spider song. Well, tonight after her bath, she decided she wanted no part of my version of the song. Instead, she sang her own rendition of the popular nursery rhyme. Here is her mashup:

The itsy bitsy diaper
crawled up the water spout
down came the rain and
washed the diaper out
out came the sun and
dried up all the rain and
the itsy bitsy diaper
crawled up the spout again.

Certainly, her "mondegreens" was completely incidental, but may have been warranted. The word diaper does sort-of rhyme with spider, and I did ask her to bring me a diaper just before we sang the song. But, I am sure you can see how her version of the song may have had an immediate relevance at the time.

Stuff Mommies Do Volume 7:
Use context clues to deduce when to change the baby's diaper.


Erika said...

Ughh - cutest bath baby EVER!!

Jewels said...

Okay that is so so funny. Gianna loves that song also and often times its the one song that will make her happy when we are driving in the car.

Diane Davis said...

when i'm having a sad day, i need to come back here and look at this picture. she makes me happy.


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