Friday, September 18, 2009

Sadia Says the Darndest Things: Volume 2

I noticed Sadia limping downstairs on her way to the dining room table for breakfast this morning. Curious to learn the cause of this new development, I asked her to explain her feeble gait. Here was her diagnosis:

That's right blog readers, you no longer have to wonder about the elusive precursor to a pesky limp. Who knew that a foot headache could be the root cause for agony of de-feet.


Carrie said...

That's hilarious! Good one, Sadia.

Tee-Tee said...

well if feet have headaches...then my groins must have migraines!!! can you ask her what she took for the foot headache to go away?? LOL

Peaby said...

Haha! Love it. Clever girl. :)

Peaby said...

Oops...this is Brazenlilly, accidentally logged in under my brother's account. Too lazy to log out. :)

Melody said...

This is hilarious! She is so cute....loved the boxing clip as well.


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