Friday, July 31, 2009

My Black Belt Ranking System

A bit unorthodox, I know, but if you're playing along at home here's the gist...

A.  Sandan or third degree black belt: current ranking
B.  Shodan or first degree black belt: ranking before I had Sadia 
C.  Nidan or second degree black belt: ranking before I had Simone 
D.  Yondan or fourth degree black belt: ranking I wish to achieve in the next year

Ironically, little discipline is required to get a black belt these days and anyone that's ovulating is guaranteed to matriculate through the levels fairly quickly.  I am currently accepting applications at my McDojo .  Incidentally, you'll also receive a small box housing a kimono and a cute plastic primary-colored toy with your registration.

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Anonymous said...

You look fine to me...

Anonymous said...

Who's anonymous and why is he saying you're fine?


Rory said...

Girl, this is my favorite post yet. It resonates! I too have a black belt, but apparently I had some sort of a graduation in which I completed all the levels and had to go buy a new blackbelt. Hmmm. Can you put a positive spin on that and get back to me?:) Thanks for the chuckle on this wonderful Friday!


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