Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've been tagged by friend and fellow blogger, Jen, but you might be more familiar with her blogger pen name, "Brazenlilly".  

The first time that I met Jen was the fall of freshman year, in Steve Richardson's Life of Christ class at PCC.  I had gotten this crazy idea that putting caricature print band aids across the toe of my All Stars, would make me a trendsetter in the relatively blah world of Christian higher education.  I thought the shoes punctuated my personality.   I'm sure that Jen was just being her super-nice and exuberant self, when she commented that my fashion statement was "cute". In many ways that moment in my broken life, was like a much needed flare on a painfully boring, white canvas.

Our brief exchange, though trite, stood out to me.  It was an open door for a kid who felt out of place at PCC.  Being one of three black students at a predominately white university was very intimidating.  I wanted to fit in, but --given my unfortunate home life--I really felt emotionally devoid, and unable to connect with people.  I wasn't from the typical Christian home, thriving in the typical suburban community where nurturing stay-at-home moms reared replete children for college life.  I wasn't in college for the pursuit of a dream.  Rather I was there strictly for the utilitarian purpose of having a roof over my head and food to eat.  My focus was on survival.  However, Jen's kind gesture was greatly appreciated, and ironically brought a little color to my otherwise bleek world.  

So, I'm supposed to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder on my computer.  Here it is:

Simone was ten months old, and wearing eighteen month clothes at the time this photo was taken. Strangers and friends alike would always comment on her chubby cheeks. I remember feeling extremely aware that she hadn't begun to walk yet, mostly because her older sister starting taking her first steps at that age.

I stalk blogs often, but from time to time I have been known to check out Brad's blog, which coincidentally I came across through Jen's blog.

I'm not sure who to tag that hasn't already been tagged, so I'll take a gamble with Sarah T., Jen W. and Kristi.


Brazenlilly said...

Thanks, Dionne, for that CUTE memory. :) Just kidding. I had no idea of the struggles you were facing at that time. I figured you were just like me...trying to find a place and friends and a way to be individual and yet part of a group in this new place called college. I took so much for granted. I remember being very drawn to you as a person, and making a point to remember you were DI-onne, not di-ONNE. :) I don't know if you know this, but I'm quite sure that I ended up with a bandaid on my converse at some point that year! Love ya.

Brad said...

I'll admit I also wander over to your blog... ever since your post about the particle smasher back in September. Like so many others, I wandered from Jen's blog too.

Dionne Sincire said...

Jen, I do remember...I also remember that was as far as the trend went. I guess you and I were the only visionaries at the time. :) Love you like a play sista!!!!

Brad, I later found out that the particle smasher was turned off just days after it was turned on. It isn't scheduled to be switched on again until September. :(


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