Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Facebook's Controversial Facelift

I'm sure that you've heard the news about Facebooks rules change. If not, then here it is in a nutshell...Facebook has re-written their terms and conditions regarding your right to delete or remove personal information from their site. Find their updated terms here.

Essentially the controversy is over who actually owns the material you upload and share on the social networking site. Under the new terms, you agree to let the company use whatever you upload onto their site in any way they choose. Even if you delete your profile. Under normal terms of service, the rules grant companies a license to store my data. Facebook deleted a provision in the original contract that gave users the right to remove content at any time. Additionally, the new terms include language that grants Facebook the right to retain my content even after my account has been deleted.

This may seem harmless, but that's only because it's difficult to anticipate the way Facebook may choose to use my information in the future. For example, a cherished family photo could show up in a future Facebook ad, or worse my copyrights to the material could potentially be forfeited.

You can read the full download on the controversy here.

So, even though the privacy settings on my precious profile are set to high alert, Facebook now reserves the right to do with my content as they please.

How do you feel knowing that your information, published in a somewhat personal capacity, is now protected under the rights and property of Facebook?

*BTW, the graphic used in this post is an original work created by yours truly.


Diane Davis said...

i guess enough people freaked out because there is a big banner saying that because of feedback they changed it back.

paul thomas said...

I don't like that so much. Glad they changed it back....and Dionne, I wasn't even aware of the new conditions so thanks for educating me.

paul thomas said...

oops...D- it's me Jen, No, I didn't grow a mustache with the pregnancy, I was accidently logged in as my hubby.

Tori said...

Thanks Dionne, I just got the note that they changed it back,,,,didn't get the memo on them changing anything in the first place.

Mike and Katie said...

That is a little creepy. I've been a little nervous about personal info on Facebook since my MIL talked me into joining so she could keep in touch.

I have such an illusion of internet safety with my blog but Facebook is a different ball game.

Cute picture of your chubby baby. My boys we're like that too and never walked until they were thirteen months old.


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