Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And, the Best Daddy Award goes to...

This brief exchange ensued between Teddy and Sadia, while he fished for what seemed a sure compliment. After all, he did just serve Sadia a piece of cake following dinner.

Teddy: Aren't I the best daddy you ever had?

Sadia: No (matter-of-factly).

Teddy: (taken aback)  No? Well, who is?

Sadia: (without missing a beat shoveling cake into her mouth) My mom.


Diane Davis said...

smart girl. very smart.

Kristi said...

azzzz yeah!

Lisa P said...

I think Aris is brainwashing our kids. He sings this to them often.

"Dad is great!
He gives us chocolate cake!"

Reedan said...

This one gives a new meaning to "LOL" cause I was literarily laughing out loud! Nice try Mo' Chestnut :D


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