Sunday, December 07, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

We're thinking about taking this show on the road!
Potential business investors may want to think about getting in on the ground floor?


nabz said...

how silly! i love it, but i don't think i will be investing on it. :)

Lisa P said...

Funny! How did you do it?

Joseph Glenn said...

Well, well, well if we hit the studio today we can have out first Christmas Album (thats a cd with 12-18 songs) in stores by the 18th. I'm Emailing my boy P-Didi now. Stay posted.

Leanna Pionke said...

We loved it! I just played it for Thom and the kids and we all got a great laugh! Thanks for sharing!

Alexsis said...

That's the new hot single out! I wish I could save it as a ringtone!!!!


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