Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My MacGyver

I know what you're wondering: What brainy act of ingenuity must have preceded such a cunning grin?

For instance, judging from this expression, you might indubitably guess that he -just moments earlier-must have picked a lock using the filament of an incandescent lightbulb?

Or perhaps he built an electromagnet using ordinary household batteries, tape and insulated wire, then he may have successfully used this device to magnetize an unfolded paper clip. After that, by embedding the paperclip in a piece of cork and placing it in a small bowl of water, the paperclip acted as a compass (because it was magnetized, it pointed to the North Magnetic Pole.)?

Or Maybe he used a pocket knife to disarm the self-destruct device of a downed military satellite. He then used parts of the satellite's retrieval system - namely metal tubing and large sheets of flexible plastic - along with duct tape to fashion a makeshift hang glider. He was most certainly wounded while flying it, and later chased by an Afghani in a Humvee. He used a piece of cloth as a sling to knock-out the man with a rock.

Alas, while I am sure that my husband is certainly capable of single-handedly executing ALL of the afore mentioned stunts, the reality is that just moments before this photo was taken, he had just changed the bulb for my car's break lights.

I had to take this picture as he walked into the kitchen from the garage, because based on the expression on his face I would have sworn that there was a cape attached to his shirt, blowing heroically in the breeze as though he had just executed some brilliant conquest of epic proportions.

Incidentally, you can't tell from the photo, but he is standing with his chest poked out, and his hands on his hips. What is it with men and the little it takes to send them reeling into an unimagined sense of accomplishment.


Alli said...

Very cute and sweet! I think they puff up with pride when they do things that we can't, don't want to, or pay someone else to do. It's the satisfaction of "rescuing" his damsel in distress ... and saving you the hassle of taking the car into jiffy lube for a new brake light. :) Gotta love our men for taking care of us, eh?

Kristi said...

HILARIOUS. Curtis was screaming with joy the other day because he fixed some door that I didn't even know was broken. But man, was he proud of himself.

Secondly....your man is a babe...and dare I say, resembles one Kobe Bryant.

woosterweester said...

To echo the above comment: Go Kobe! Go Kobe! It's your birthday...:)

Pot Liquor said...

Alli, yes. He is totally the night in shining armor. He does get a rush of accomplishment from completing tasks like this around the house.

Kristi and Wooster, my students always get excited whenever he visits my class because they are sure that he is Kobe or related to him. :)

Elaine said...

what a handsome man you've got! I'm responding to the wine post you commented on. The couple were just two down home people, about my mom and dad's age. I just felt like I'd known them forever. They're the kind of people that really make you feel at home. Then they have these wine get togethers at their place and welcome kids. So was it really about the wine? Not so much.

Robin H said...

And the crowd goes wild!


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