Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Bible in 63 Days?

My husband and I have recently committed to read through the bible this year. This would not be a lofty goal in itself, except that there are only two months and three days left in the year, and we just started plowing through the scriptures this past Sunday. You're probably thinking, Who's bright idea was that? Right?

Well while we both are up for the challenge, we are not naive to think that the road to success will be paved with daisies and lilies. There will most certainly be some obstacles that we'll have to overcome along the way, namely motivation. To address this challenge, we've implemented a plan, which so far has proven successful. There are three key components in our strategy.

First, we got our hands on The Bible in 90 Days, which comes complete with a daily reading schedule. Access to this reading tool will help us track our progress and hopefully keep us on pace for finishing the bible by December 31st. The schedule is based on a 45 minutes a day regiment. So for Teddy and I to be successful we have to double up on these 45 minute sessions. That's right, for all of you mathematicians that equates to approximately an hour and a half each day (weekends included) of bible reading. I guess I should kiss goodbye any hopes for watching Mr. and Mrs. McDreamy exchange nuptials. Chiefly because there is probably a greater chance of seeing a Mrs. and Mrs. Torres and Hahn matrimony at the rate Grey's is going. But, I digress.

Second, we've committed to designate a time so that we can forge through the Good Book together. Reading together helps to motivate us. Accountability is crucial, plus it adds new dimension to our relationship. We like to discuss the insights that we've gained, questions we've raised, and irony we've discovered as we make the trek through ancient Hebrew history. For instance, we noted a prominent theme which emerges throughout the book of Genesis where the younger off spring is chosen over the eldest. This is true in the cases of Cain and Abel (Abel being the youngest and favored child), Ishmael and Isaac (Isaac being the youngest and favored child), Esau and Jacob (Jacob being the youngest and favored child), Leah and Rachel (Rachel being the youngest and favored child), Jacob's twelve sons and Joseph (Joseph being the youngest and favored child), and finally Manasseh and Ephraim (Ephraim being the youngest and favored child). This insight caused us to wonder about the implications of God favoring the youngest throughout Genesis.

Finally, we've decided to make our commitment public. Publicizing my pledge to my blog readers, friends and family adds another tier to the accountability piece.

I hope to log each completed book of the bible as Mile Markers in the new Books that Changed My Life section on my blog. At the rate we're reading, We should be finishing a book of the bible ever couple of days, which means that I would have to update my book list accordingly. We appreciate any who would join in our accountability efforts. If you would like to help to encourage us in this endeavor, send us a little nudge via your comments as a way to keep us on track. Any help that you would be willing to provide is greatly appreciated. We also want to encourage you to read through your bible before the years end. We could chart our progress together.


Diane Davis said...

wow... that is ambitious. keep us posted.

regarding my middle name... yes, it is leota and i just changed it on my blog (not sure why). funny thing is, my white friends think it is a funny name but my black friends think it is common. i've had several co-workers that saw my name before they met me and they were sure i was a sista! :) so i think it is funny that YOU noticed.

keep us updated... good luck getting through numbers. that is where brian got stuck and he hasn't picked the bible up again since.


Diane Davis said...

sad writing when i use the word FUNNY three times in one paragraph.

Alli said...

Good for you guys! A lofty goal, but when we think of how much time we sit in front of the TV after the kids go to bed, an hour and a half really isn't that much time. I can't wait to hear your insights on what you are reading. We are going through Beth Moore's Patriarch's study (indepth Genesis) and loving it. I highly recommend it. My thought for the day--while the youngest were often the chosen or favored, the elder children were never forgotten. It was touching to read about Hagar and Ishmael's encounter with God (and definitely gave me compassion for her predicament) and how God promised to bless Ishmael's line, as well; how Esau was blessed with plenty even though he gave up his birthright; How Leah's (not Rachel's) son Judah was the ancestoral line to the Messiah; and how both Ephraim and Manessah had their own inheritance in Canaan in the division of the tribes and lands. God never forgot a single one of them. How amazing and compassionate is our God!?

Happy reading! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

WOw! You guys are inspiring. I love that you both committed to this together. what a wonderful thing to experience and share together!!!

Can't wait to hear more.....


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